The Power of Time

Adam Bruderly
June 19, 2023

Our humans are brains are instinctively wired to prioritize immediate needs and wants, such as quenching hunger, ensuring safety, or yielding to the allure of instant gratification. This is a survival mechanism that has evolved over tens of thousands of years to help us respond to threats, opportunities, and ultimate survival. However, this tendency to emphasize the short term can be counterproductive and have a detrimental effect when it comes to planning and our financial success.

Conversely, adopting a long-term perspective requires a more cognitive effort and strategic approach to planning. It involves focusing on our future objectives, making trade-offs, and postponing our immediate pleasures and emotional impulses.  Ultimately, the ability to balance short-term and long-term thinking is a critical skill that can help us achieve success and navigate the complexities of life and financial planning.

At Journey, we recognize the importance of harmonizing short-term and long-term thinking is crucial to achieve your goals, and we are committed to helping you develop a comprehensive plan that aims to help set you up for success at every stage of your life.

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