Be Like Lebron

Adam Bruderly
June 19, 2023

LeBron James, the hometown kid from Akron, Ohio, has captivated my attention for many years, not just for his NBA scoring record or for securing Cleveland's first championship in over fifty years, but more significantly for his deep personal commitment. What truly inspires me about Lebron is the astonishing figure of $1,500,000. This sum isn't his single game earnings or weekly sponsorships, but rather the yearly investment in his own health and wellness, covering trainers, chefs, recovery tools, and more. His commitment to his fitness and longevity is unmatched as he continues to perform at a high level at the age of 38, which is a rarity in the NBA.

While most of us will not be allocating $1,500,000 per year, the invaluable lesson Lebron imparts is the necessity of reshaping our mindset. Investing in our health and wellness is indeed an invaluable investment, one that will yield long-term returns in the form of an improved quality of life, well-being, and overall happiness. If that kid from Akron consistently incorporates this approach into his annual plan, shouldn't we think about doing the same?  

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