Charting the Course

Adam Bruderly
June 19, 2023

Although many perceive financial planning to revolve around attaining a specific dollar amount or devising the ideal financial formula for retirement, it is actually a much more comprehensive process at Journey. Our approach is about designing a comprehensive, holistic blueprint that takes into account your financial security along with your physical and mental well-being.  Incorporating your family, interests, and a vision for your life that transcends your portfolio and market returns. It's about crafting a plan that encompasses your purpose, passions, aspirations, and fosters joy and fulfillment beyond the balance in your investment account.

Whether it involves fulfilling or building your first bucket list, embarking on that trip of a lifetime, or trying new hobbies and experiences, or taking some time away from your career.  We truly believe that these types of aspirations serve as the fundamental foundation for a fulfilling and happy life.

How can we help you plan your next adventure?

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