Lessons from 234,000 Steps

Adam Bruderly
June 19, 2023

After completing some rough calculations, I found that I took approximately 234K steps during my first 100-mile race. However, it wasn’t the finisher's buckle that left the deepest impact on me. Instead, it was the profoundly personal experience that led me to the starting line. Learning to confront those moments of self-doubt and fear.  Wondering if you have the mental fortitude to persevere and tackling that inner voice that throws you into a relentless flywheel of negativity.  All of this, combined with the exhaustion of daily runs, strength workouts, and balancing my responsibilities towards kids, career, and family.

Each step I took taught me that the physical and mental boundaries we impose on ourselves are often merely illusions.  I learned with the right mindset, motivation, and support, it is possible to push ourselves beyond and limit we set for ourselves. Whether that is taking your first fitness class, picking up a new hobby, or running 100 miles.  Although the finish line may appear to be the ultimate goal, it often takes the backseat to the journey itself.  This journey, be it in a race or life, frequently offers the most precious insights.

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