The Experience Mickey Built

Adam Bruderly
June 19, 2023

Typically, when you see a chart like this you think about the implications of revenue, profits, and stock prices. A company that is bouncing back to the point where spending per person at the park is up over 40% versus early 2019. However, I see a slightly different story.

One of shared experiences, lasting memories, and sense of connection that we had lost or needs to be rebuilt.  Coming out of the pandemic many families and friends were wealthier from a bank account perspective, however they were bankrupt when it came to social connections.  There was a longing to get back to the way it was before and experience the things we had missed. Yet, what I hope we learned over that time is that when we build our plans for the future we make sure not to look to far ahead. That experiencing those moments with friends and family shouldn’t be put off for the “perfect time” … we never know what is around the corner.

At Journey, when we build a plan, our focus is to explore the world your wealth makes possible. Both present and future.

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